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Ordering procedure

In the categories above you can find our products. You can also find the products under the model name of the car. You choose the right model by clicking on the model name on the homepage. After this you can click on the image of the model version with the year for which you are looking for products. In this way, only products will show that are suitable for your car. Then choose the products you want to purchase by clicking the “add to cart’’ button.(in winkelwagen) Would you purchase more than 1 item then click on "continue shopping".(verder winkelen)

When your shopping cart is filled as desired, then click on ‘’go to payment’’(ga door naar afrekenen)


You can create an account over here, so the next time you visit this website you can quickly fill out your details.(bewaar mijn gegevens voor een volgende keer)
In other cases you choose for a single purchase. (eenmalige aankoop) Click “Continue” (ga verder)

Please enter your name and address and click ‘’Continue" (ga verder) "
If you want to send the products to another address, click on“ship to other address’’ (naar ander adres verzenden) and ‘’continue. ” (ga verder)
You can now fill in the details of the address where the order should be sent to.

Choose your shipping method and click ‘’continue.’’ (ga verder)

This is the menu where you can choose your payment method. Select the payment method you prefer and click ‘’continue’’ (ga verder)

Check your order and address. Click “place order ’’ (plaats bestelling)' and your order is completed.

TIP! We recommend you to search through the original item number (VAG)


OE: Originally part of Audi. (recognizable to VAG part number)
OEM: Part is from manufacturer who makes the part for Audi. (Original part, only the VAG nummer is not indicated. )
Aftermarket: Replaced / Imitation part from original part.( Part does not come from original manufacturer Audi)


We try to mention the correct mileage of a part. .
This is unfortunately not always possible because we already had some parts in stock without the proper mileage there. Therefore, we use the following when not specifically know the correct mileage:

1 Km is the State of a new part dismantled from a new car.

10.000 Km is the State of a young used article of a car under 10 years old.
100.000 Km is the State of a used article from a car older than 10 years.

Also we use a classification code for the parts.

This will especially be for parts where you can see good the optical condition.
We use the following codes A, B, C and D.

Below you'll find the meaning of these codes:

Classification code A
This is "as new" quality. To these parts should be no extra labor to be performed. The part has no rust and no damage.

Classification code B
This part is very neat, slightly used. With a cleaning like new.

Classification code C
Functioning part with user tracks. Part needs attention.

Classification code D
This part is, bad, dirty, has damage. Needs attention.


It is possible to find multiple items of 1 disassembled car so you can view multiple parts of the same car.
When you’ve selected an article you can see below the page at the description a car number for example T6001 followed by the text car number where part comes out. When you reach the search function and type T6001 (as an example) you get to see that all components are disassembled by this car. At this way you can see all the parts from one and the same car with the same mileage on it.


Shipping costs
Shipping costs are automatically calculated and are listed in choosing the shipping method.

These costs are including VAT.

Shipping costs abroad
For shipping costs abroad, please contact us.

Delivery time
Autoparts Veghel will try to deliver your order in 2 working days.

Deliveries outside the Netherlands are usually delivered within 3-10 working days.

Pick up your order
It is possible to pick up your order in Veghel. Once your order is ready you will receive an email

Autoparts Veghel has 5 possibilities to pay your order: :

Cash on delivery
You pay directly to the TNT Post employee at the time you receive the package. Make sure that you have the full amount in cash when the TNT employee comes along.When you are not at home, or when you dont have the full amount in cash, you will receive from the TNT Post employee an pick up message.You can pick up the package in a post office near your area.The package will stay at the post office for about 2 weeks. Probably you can pay with your pin card at the post office.

For orders with payment on delivery we charge € € 17.50.

A cash payment on delivery is not possible for a shipment outside the Netherlands .

IDEAL allows you trusted, secure and easy online purchases. You pay trusted through Internet, based on specific security methods of your own bank. When you are an electronic banker you can use iDeal directly without registration. For more information please visit the website of ideal.Payment by ideal is only possible in The Netherlands.

You can pay electronically via PayPal. You pay with your email address and password. For more information please visit the website of paypal..

Bank Transfer
It’s possible to pay with a bank transfer. When we received the payment we will send the package to you.

Cash payment only by picking up your order.

What to do by cancelling or returning

The Cancellation of a placed order is possible within 12 hours. This is due the fast delivery which we aspire. As long as we did not yet send your order, you can cancel without any extra costs.

You can cancel your order by sending an email through the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the homepage.
Please mention in this email your name, address, payment details and invoice number. Also mention it is about a cancellation. You will receive from us an confirmation that we have cancelled your order. We will also let you know whether this was done on time or that the order has already been send.

If you cancel the order after it has been sent to you, then you should refuse by delivery of the package.If Auto Parts Veghel has already received your payment we will refund the purchase price (Only if we received the package in good condition). The shipping costs will be charged on your refund (only if you refuse the order at the door by the deliverer and leave the package unopened).

You can return your product in 14 days, starting on the day of delivery, without giving reasons. Exceptions are specifically assembled products for you and electrical parts. These are not returnable. The product can be returned unused and in the original, undamaged packaging. There should also be a copy of the invoice enclosed in the packaging. You have to notify us when you return a package.
This can be done through the “Return Product” button at the bottom of our homepage. Please fill in the required information.

Want to return the (entire) order? Products which are delivered to the recipient should be send to the return address below. Autoparts Veghel will refund the entire purchase price to you, including the calculated shipping costs. The shipping costs for returns are not refundable and for your account.

When returning a portion of your order, the shipping costs are for your account. The purchase price of the returned portion of the order will be refunded to you. Shipping costs are not refundable in that case.

All cancellations and returns must be made in writing to Autoparts Veghel. This is possible by e-mail. You must mention your full name, payment details and invoice number and indicate whether it is a cancellation or return. You can email us through the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the homepage. And through the “Return Product ” button

Please note: the bank account number you specify for the refund, must be equal to the bank account number from which you made the payment to Autoparts Veghel. This action is standard procedure in order to counteract fraud refunds.
Refunds will be paid within 30 days starting on delivery returns.

For further questions you can mail us through the “Contact us’’ button at the bottom of the homepage.
You can leave here your details and your question and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We encourage you to notify us first complaints by emailing webshop@autopartsveghel.nl. If this does not lead to a solution, it is for EU consumers also possible to log complaints by the ODR platform by the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When your pending complaint not elsewhere then you are free to file your complaint by the European Union platform.

Return address: :
Autoparts Veghel
Taylorweg 6
De Dubbelen 2905
5466 AE, Veghel